Special Projects

David Bowie tribute CD – 2017
Our new special project CD is now for sale!  Our band, “Ground Control,” contributed 2 songs for this special project- a double CD “Loving the Aliens- A Lowbudget Tribute for David Bowie” by Lowbudget Records.

Digital sales begin on Saturday, 7/22, and CDs and DVDs will go on sale on Monday 7/24, all at the Lowbudget Records website. CDs will also be available at Junko’s concerts for $15.








Rolling Stones tribute CD – 2016
The Rolling Bones band contributed two tracks- “Bitch” and “It’s Only Rock ‘n Roll” to the Rolling Stones tribute compilation double CD “You Can’t Always Want What You Get,” which was released by Lowbudget Records in Spring of 2016. The band includes Junko Ogawa (vocal/guitar/keyboard), Rick Goggin (vocal/lead guitar), John Zaia (vocal/bass), and Jonathan Williams (vocal/drums). The CD was produced by Tim Casey-chairman/owner of Lowbudget Records, of Boston, MA. Click here to buy or download the CD.



“It’s Only Rock ‘n Roll (But I Like It)”


Check out this excellent review by Bill Copeland.

Monkees Tribute CD – 2014
P1 and 4

The Rick Goggin Five band contributed two tracks to the Monkees tribute compilation double CD, “A Lowbudget Barrel of Monkees” which was released by Lowbudget Records in 2014. The band includes Rick Goggin (vocal/guitar), Junko Ogawa (vocal/guitar/keyboard/piano), Bill Duncan (vocal/guitar), Chris Grant (bass),  and Rob Norberg (vocal/drums). The CD was produced by Tim Casey-chairman/owner of Lowbudget Records, of Boston, MA. Buy the CD here.


Song for “Homeless” CD – 2012
“Everyone Needs A Home” produced by Steve Rapson:  
Junko wrote a song entitled “Conversation” and contributed to the fundraising by the sales of the compilation CD “Everyone Needs A Home.” Click here to read more.

Song for Holiday Charity – 2010
“Our Finest Gifts” Compilation Holiday CD, proceeds to The Small Can Be Big Organization. Junko and Bill Duncan contributed “The Silent Night in Japanese”
More information is on their Facebook page.