Hello, everyone!
 Thank you! Thank you! Thank you everyone who was at Newton Porchfest today ( Saturday, June 3rd)!
It was a cold and drizzly afternoon ( Brrrrrrrrrr….),  and thank you for coming to Branson and Junko’s show. Your support was heartfelt, and much appreciated.
My next performance will be on Sunday, June 11th, 11:00 am  – 1:00 pm at Needham Farmers Market.
Greene’s Field : Corner of Great Plain and Pinkering Street in Needham Center. 20 Pinkering Street, Needham, MA. I will be sharing the stage with Branson Bofat. Hoping for a good summer weather day !
I will be kicking off the outdoor music season 2023 on Saturday, June 3rd, playing at Newton Porchfest, 2-4 pm at 187 Melrose Street, Newton. Sharing the afternoon with Branson Bofat. Exciting ! ( rain date June 5th)
I am letting  you know that…..
I do not even  have a TlkT0k account. There seems to be an account with  impersonation using my name, photo, and music on TlkT0k.    It is not associated with me., and already been reported and notified, and I hope it will be resolved as soon as possible.
I’m happy to announce my virtual performance with Branson Bofat coming up on Sunday, March 5th, 5-7PM. I’m honored to be taking part in this important fundraising concert presented by Musicians For The Greater Good. The theme for the concert is World Peace. I will be singing my original song for the world peace called ” Sandbox” in both English and Japanese.
Looking forward to performing with Bo Veaner, and Branson Bofat on Thursday, Oct.13th, 2-4pm at Belmont Farmers Market. This will be Junko’s  last outdoor show for this season. 10 Claflin Street, Belmont, MA
Photos by Tim S. from the garden concert.
What a delightful garden concert gathering it was in Melrose, MA!
Thank you so very much, Ms. Brooke, Tim, Peter, and Lucy for hosting us., and inviting many friends of the family to enjoy the wonderful fall Sunday afternoon in Oct.9th. I and Branson Bofat had such a wonderful time performing for everyone who came for the gathering. Thank you very much! Hope to see you again !
A photo from Brookline Porchfest in past September,  with Craig Sonnenfeld, Terry Kitchen, and Branson Bofat.
Thank you everyone who was at Roslindale Porchfest. Branson and I had a wonderful afternoon of music, friends, and smiling faces. Thank you very much for your support. Special thanks to our porch hosts Vinny and Elizabeth for offering their porch after the original porch host had to cancel it for an unforeseen event.
One more special thanks to Branson Bofat for accompanying me so wonderfully.
Junko’s next gig is on Saturday 9/24, 1:30 – 4:00 pm at Roslindale Porchfest. Junko will share the afternoon with fantastic musician Branson Bofat who will also accompany Junko with his guitar.
51 Selwyn Street, Roslindale MA. ( please make a note, the porch location has changed from 70 Bateman Street to 51 Selwyn Street).
Thank you everyone who was at Dedham Farmers Market. We had a wonderful afternoon!
Wednesday, 9/21, 1-3:30 pm, Junko will be singing and performing with Steve Rapson on guitar and Pat “Hatrack” Gallagher on harmonica at Dedham Farmers Market. 670 High Street, Dedham, MA
Thank you everyone who was at Brookline Porchfest. It was a wonderful afternoon of music. laughter, and smiling faces. Special thanks to David M, and Barbara B for hosting us again.
Saturday, 9/17, 2-4, sharing the afternoon with Craig Sonnenfeld, Terry Kitchen, and Branson Bofat at Brookline Porchfest.
Craig : 2-2:40pm, Terry : 2:40 – 3:20pm, Branson and Junko : 3:20 – 4pm, 44 Waverly Street, Brookline, MA
Thursday, 9/15 , 2-4 pm, Playing and sharing the show with Branson Bofat at Belmont Farmers’ Market.
I am performing and singing with Steve Rapson on guitar, and Pat “Hatrack Gallagher on Harmonica, as JO Trio.
2-3pm, Branson Bofat solo, 3-4pm, JO Trio
10 Claflin Street, Belmont, MA
Thursday, Sept. 1st, Junko is returning to  Melrose Farmers Market, performing with Steve Rapson and Pat”Hatrack” Gallagher. 3:30pm – 5:30pm, Bowden Park, 163 W. Emerson Street, Melrose, MA
    The last minute “fill in ” show tomorrow , Wednesday , 8/24 , 1:15 – 4pm, at Dedham Farmers Market, 670 High Street, Dedham, MA.   I will be performing with Frank Albani
Thank you everyone who was at Hopkinton Farmers Market last Sunday ( 8/21). It was perfect day for a farmers market and it was so nice to see everyone there was having a wonderful afternoon.
Junko’s next show will be on Sunday, August 21st, 1:30 PM – 4:30 PM at Hopkinton Farmers Market, On Hopkinton Common ( across from 11 Ash Street, Hopkinton, MA ).  I will be singing mostly my original songs, some Rick Goggin’s original songs, and selected cover songs accompanied by Steve Rapson on guitar and Hatrack Gallagher on harmonica.
Thank you everyone who was at Needham Farmers Market today ( 8/14). Had a wonderful time with many friends and new friends. Branson did a fantastic solo set. Special thanks to Steve Rapson and Hatrack Gallagher for accompanying me. I felt that I was on cloud nine.
Junko’s next show will be on Sunday, August 14th at Needham Farmers Market, 11:00am  – 1:00pm. Junko will be sharing the show with Branson Bofat. On Junko’s set, Steve Rapson on guitar and Hatrack Gallagher on harmonica will be backing her up. Greene’s Field, 20 Pinkering Street, Needham, MA
Junko returned to Quincy Farmers Market on Sunday August 7th, and here are some of the photos. Junko had both Branson Bofat on guitar and her original band member Chris Grant backing up with bass.
Thank you everyone who was there. We had a wonderful afternoon.
Junko’s next show will be at Quincey Farmers Market on Sunday, July 24 th, accompanied by Branson Bofat. I will be singing all original songs ! Junko 1-2pm, John McHugh 2-3pm, Branson Bofat 3-4pm. New location!  St. Crysostom’s Church at the corner of 1 linden street and Hancock.  It will be one of the hottest day with the heatwave. Please be safe, and hydrate if you come out.
Thank you everyone who was at Belmont Farmers’ Market on June 23rd. It was great to be back and playing for the shoppers there.
The next show will be ” Branson Bofat and Junko Ogawa : Singer- songwriter Duo” returns to Belmont Farmers’ Market on Thursday, June 23rd , 2PM – 4PM . 10 Claflin Street, Belmont, MA
I hope to see you there !
Thank you everyone who was at Needham Farmers Market. I and Branson had an awesome time sharing our music with you.
The next show will be ” Branson Bofat and Junko Ogawa perform at Needham Farmers Market Opening Day 2022″  on Sunday June 12 th from 11 am to 1 pm at Greene’s Field – 20 Pinkering Street, Needham, MA
It is at the corner of Great Plain Ave and Pinkering Street in the Needham Center. It is a great farmers market and Branson and I would love to see you there!
Thank you everyone who was at Newton Porchfest last Saturday. Thank you for your support. It was a beautiful day and Branson Bofat and I had a wonderful time sharing the music with the nice audience who were enjoying the afternoon. Special thank you to the fabulous porch host family: Becky, John,Kat, Sky, and the lovely dog Pie.
Looking forward to singing and participating in Newton Porchfest with Branson Bofat on June, 4th from 1:30pm – 3:30pm at 135 Cornell street, Newton, MA 02462. Branson will be accompanying me with the guitar on my set. Thank you Becky for hosting us. (The rain date will be June 5th.)
Hello, everyone. I have an announcement.
I am back and this time I will be singing and singing !
I now have an accompanist for my solo shows – Branson Bofat a great guitarist, vocalist, singer-songwriter, and my friend will play the guitar to accompany my set /shows this summer. I obtained an injury on my left hand and thumb last fall (Oct. 2021) and not quite well enough to accompany myself with guitar/ piano yet. I am still in the medical treatment, and I will be having some hand therapy for this summer. I will be singing my songs and some selected songs of others with Branson backing me up. Very grateful for Branson who is offering his accompaniment for me during this challenging time of the recovery.
I hope to see you, soon , in person !  please check my schedule for the up coming shows.
Here is a photo of Branson and me performing together.
Thank you HCAM-TV and Hopkinton Freedom Team for featuring my song ” Hey My Friend” in the program Martin Luther King Day Ceremony January 17, 2022. Special thanks to Cheryl Perreault for inviting my song and comment to be included in her presentation.
I and Frank Albani : we call ourselves The Really Unknowns will be performing duo at Melrose Farmers’ Market on Thursday, Oct. 14,  3:30 pm – 5:30 pm. The market is open 1-6pm. 163 W. Emerson Street – Bowden Park ( on W. Emerson and Vinton St), Melrose, MA02176
Looking forward to playing at Roslindale Porchfest,  Saturday 9/25  1:30pm – 2:30pm at 134 Whitford St, Roslindale, MA. I will be playing duo with Frank Albani.
Thank you everyone who was at Brookline Porchfest  on Saturday 9/18.  I and Craig Sonnenfeld and Terry Kitchen had  wonderful porch hosts David and Barbara.
At the Hopkinton Farmers Market-photo by Natsuyo Fujino

Saturday, September 12 th 2021, 1:30 pm – 4:30 pm,  I and Frank Albani will be performing at Hopkinton Farmers Market ( Hopkinton Common, MA). Rick Goggin will be with us in our hearts.

Very very sad news……Rick Goggin, music partner/ bandmate, and a dear friend passed on Aug. 30. Rest In peace, Rick.  We will remember you with laughter and will keep playing and singing your songs.

“The Really Unknowns”, the new band with Rick Goggin, Frank Albani, and Jonathan Williams have a show coming up on Thursday, Aug. 12th. It will be our first actual in person show since the start of the pandemic. It will be at Belmont Farmers’ Market. The Really Unknowns will be sharing the stage with wonderful Branson Bofat. I hope to see you there. Here is the poster for the show designed by Andrea Kulish.


I would like to thank Hopkinton Cable TV -HCAM program: Common Ground Storytelling, hosted by Cheryl Perreault, for featuring my video of ” Hey My Friend” from MMTV as the closing song of the show on June 18, 2021.

Video from 2020 Brookline Porchfest -online participation
Please stay safe and stay well !

The Really Unknowns’s show at The Square Root in Roslindale Square on Friday, April 3rd, 2020 has been canceled and postponed until it is safe form the Corona virus pandemic.  I will announce the new date once it is safe for everyone.
Please stay well and stay well !
Please check out the The Really Unknowns page- this is a new band where Junko plays keyboard and sings: https://www.facebook.com/thereallyunknowns/
Our new band “The Really Unknowns” has a show on Friday, April 3rd, at The Square Root (2 Corinth St, Roslindale, MA: Roslindale Square) with 2 other bands: Slow Boat Home, The Pulltabs
8:30pm – 12:00 midnight, $10 at the door.  squarerootrozzie.com
“The Really Unknowns” is our new band name. The members are Rick Goggin (lead vocal, guitar), Frank Albani (vocal, guitar), Robert Black (vocal, bass), Jonathan Williams (vocal, drums), and Junko (vocal, keyboard, guitar). The Square Root is a new and an awesome cafe bar right in the Roslindale Square. Very hip and yet very friendly music venue. Please come join us for a fun evening of music !
Thank you in advance for your support !
Saturday, Jan. 25th, Rick Goggin will be featured at The Catbird Cafe, and Frank Albani (guitar and bass), Jonathan Williams (drums), and myself ( harmony vocal, guitar, keyboard) will be accompanying him.
Sign up starts 4:30pm, the music starts at 5pm, and the feature at 7pm
admission: $2,  New England Wildlife Center – 500 Columbian Street, S. Weymouth, MA 02196
Thank you everyone who was at Roslindale Open Mike on Jan.13th
I hope that you had a wonderful time as much as we did.
I appreciate your support very much.
Monday January 13th, 9:00PM, Rick Goggin, Junko Ogawa, and Friends  :  Tim Casey, Jonathan Williams, Frank Albani will be featuring at Roslindale Open Mike.
We will play some original songs and a few Beatles’s songs.
Door opens at 6pm, sign up for open mike performers starts at 6pm, the show starts at 7pm, Mini set by
Ana Eder-Mulhar at 8:45pm, and feature at 9pm.
814 South Street, Roslindale, MA 12131
Thank you everyone who was at Square Root on Jan. 3rd for Lowbudget Records Tribute to The Beatles Show. What fun !
Your support was so vital and priceless. Thank you.
The place was rocking with everyone singing with us !
It reached the capacity of the place, and I regret that I saw some folks who could not get in, and I appreciate some of you stayed outside and cheering on. Heartfelt thank you.
Our first gig  in the new year 2020 is  Friday evening, January 3rd 2020 !
Our band ” The Unknowns ” will go on at 7:50pm.
I hope to see you there !
Introducing ” The Unknowns ”  from left to right, Tim Casey (vocal, bass), Junko (vocal, keyboard, guitar),
Rick Goggin (vocal, guitar), Jonathan Williams (drums), special guest Frank Albani (guitar)
Introducing " The Unknowns "
Sunday, Nov. 10th, I am very excited to be featuring at the PCA Open Mike hosted by John Ferullo. Doors open at 6pm, the music starts at 6:30pm, and  the feature at 8pm.  $5 cover which goes entirely to support PCA ( Parish Center for Arts). 10 Lincoln Street, Westford, MA
Hello, everyone. I am happy to let you know that I am good to go and feeling blessed. Thank you so much for all the well wishes in person, by mail, phone , text and social media.
I will be performing this Saturday Sep.14 as a feature at Catbird Cafe open mike as a solo.The sign up at 4-5pm, the open mike starts at 5pm, and the feature at 7pm. ( Originally, it was scheduled as a duo with Rick Goggin but he is under the weather although he is getting much better. He is rescheduled to feature on January 25, 2020. ).
I so regret that I need to be canceling the performance at Hopkinton Farmers Market on Sunday afternoon, Aug. 25. I am getting better and better , but  not well enough just yet to perform on Aug. 25th.  Planning to be back  performing again in the mid September. Thank you for your support and healing thoughts !
Hello, Everyone!  My back is getting better everyday, but just not well enough to make it to Belmont Farmers Market show on August 15th. Branson Bofat will perform for us 2pm – 4 pm.
Very unfortunately I am having a lower back issue, and will not be performing at” ROM at Roslindale Farmers Market” on Saturday, Aug.10th. However my duo partner Rick Goggin is still performing as a solo between 11:30am – 12:00 noon along with Branson Bofat as scheduled. Please join them at the wonderful Roslindale Farmers Market. They will host open mike ( ROM) at the market starting at 11:00am, feature perform 11:30am-12:00noon, then resume the open mike till 1:00pm.
Thank you so much everyone who was at Quincy Farmers Market this afternoon. It was a perfect summer day for the outdoor market and the ocean breath and the shade made by big trees at Pageant Field was fabulous. Really appreciate your warm reception and big support. J.O Trio had a blast and it was great to have Mike Delaney as a guest performer on Mando.
This Friday, July 5th, 12:00 Noon – 4:00 PM, Looking forward to performing with Rick Goggin and Miki Matsuki ( J.O.TRIO) at Quincy Farmers Market. It will be at Pageant Field in Merrymount Park. 1 Merrymount Pkwy, Quincy, MA
Sunday, June 30, 2pm – 3pm, A great musician and my friend Mel Gluskin has a show at Newton Free Library -Druker Auditorium. I will be joining him along with Chris Morgan, Alex Mcneil, and Dennis Roach.  330 Homer Street, Newton MA.  newtonfreelibrary.net
Thank you everyone who was at Brookline Porchfest! What a glorious day it was! Special thanks to David and Barbara for being wonderful hosts and Craig Sonnenfeld for inviting me to join you.
It is an another glorious looking day today, Sunday 6/9 , J.O. TRIO will be playing at Needham Farmers Market from 2PM – 4PM performing for the opening day for 2019 season along with Branson Bofat who will be playing 12noon to 2pm. If you are nearby, please join us. The market is terrific at Needham Town Hall Green. Needham, MA
On Saturday, June  8th, Junko will be playing at Brookline Porchfest 2019. 1-2pm at 44 Waverly Street, brookline, MA 02445. My friend and great musician Craig Sonnenfeld will be playing at 2-3pm at the same location. The rain date is Saturday June 15 th.
   Thank you for everyone at Natick Farmers Market on May 4th. Wonderful people and wonderful market! Playing duo with Bo Venear for the audience was a great experience.
Thank you everyone who was at The Java Room on March 15 th.  Thank you very much for the great support. It was a wonderful experience playing for the full house audience and sharing the show with Craig Sonnenfeld who invited me to share the stage. ( Thank you, Craig !)  Loved playing the fantastic Kawai piano which Candy the owner keeps it in the prestine condition.
On March 15th, (Friday evening), I played at The Java Room, sharing the show with Craig Sonnenfeld who just released a wonderful new CD. (It really is a great CD titled “Before Dawn,” and please check it out). 14 Littleton Road, Chelmsford, MA, starting at 8pm. They have a wonderful menu and great coffee, and also wine as well. The atmosphere is very warm and serene, and plenty of parking. Java Room has a terrific Kawai grand piano which is always in tune (Thanks to the owner Candy), and I am very excited to be playing the piano again and sharing the music with everyone !


Thank you everyone who was at Roslindale Open Mike on Jan. 14. I along with Rick Goggin were very happy to have opened for Chris Lee for his ROM Anniversary New Year Show !
Hello, Everyone ! Happy New Year ! I hope that you had a wonderful holiday season.
On Monday, Jan. 14th. I am looking forward to performing mini feature set with Rick Goggin, kicking off Roslindale Open Mike’s New Year 2019 show, and opening for the feature Chris Lee. The open mike starts at 7pm, mini feature at 8:45pm, and the feature act at 9pm. 814 South Street ( Boston English School), Roslindale, MA 02131.  roslindaleopenmike.org
Thank you so much for your support ! Hoping that you are having a wonderful Holiday season. I wish you all a Happy New Year ! with much gratitude and appreciation, Junko
Thank you so very much everyone who was at Dylanology CD release show. It was very successful because of all of you who supported and attended and made it happen.
I am full of gratitude and appreciation to all of you who supported this event. Thank you.
My next show will be Sunday, Nov. 25th at the CD release of the Bob Dylan tribute double CD “Dylanology” by Lowbudget Records. I’m a member of the band “The Unknowns,” and we have contributed 2 songs to the compilation. “The Unknowns” are Rick Goggin, Tim Casey, and myself. This show is also a fundraiser for The Boston Immigrant Justice Accompaniment Network (BeyondBoston.org). We are proud to take part in this show. Details: Sunday, November 25th, at 5pm at the First Church in Jamaica Plain UU, 6 Eliot Street (next to the monument). Tickets are $10 in advance (click here to purchase) and $15 at the door.


Thank you everyone who gave a lot of love and well wishes for my back condition.
Happy to announce that I am feeling so much better and it was great to perform at The Walnut Street Cafe last Saturday with Miki Matsuki and Branson Bofat.

CANCELLATION OF THE SHOW: I so regret to announce that I will NOT be performing this Sunday Nov. 11 th at PCA Open Mike because my back is acting up. I sincerely apologize for any inconveniences I have caused you. No worries. I shall be back and at it soon!

Junko’s next show will be Sunday, Nov. 11 at Parish Center For The Arts (PCA) Open Mic hosted by John Ferullo. 10 Lincoln Street, Westford, MA. I will be performing with Miki Matsuki on drums. The open mic starts at 6:30pm. $5 cover to benefit PCA.


On Saturday, Nov. 17 I will be performing at the Walnut Street Cafe in Lynn, MA. Miki Matsuki will join me on drums, and Branson Bofat will also perform.

Thank you everyone who was at Melrose Porchfest. I am grateful for your support. Special thanks to our awesome porch hosts Brooke and Tim.

I wished for a great weather for the Needham Farmers Market show and we certainly got a summer like weather! Thank you for everyone who was at the market. I hope that you enjoyed the market and our music.

What a wonderful afternoon it was at Roslindale Porchfest today sharing the stage with Craig Sonnenfeld, Ruthann Baler, Tim Howell, Terry Kitchen, Deede Bergeron, Branson Bofat, and Rick Goggin. Thank you everyone who was there and supported us. Special thanks to Terry Kitchen and Cindy McKeown for hosting us.

Some recent performance photos:


Thank you everyone who was at Hopkinton Farmers Market on Sept.2nd. It was a perfect day, and we had a great time performing for the market. Thank you very much for your support!

Thank you for everyone who was at Belmont Farmers Market. J.O. TRIO had a wonderful time performing 32 songs. Thank you for your huge support. Got an invitation for the next season already and looking forward to it !

Thank you everyone who was at Walnut Street Cafe on Aug. 19th. I and Miki (the drummer) had the greatest time featuring at the Sunday open Mic. Thank you for your big support and it was heartfelt. I am happy to announce that I will be back at Walnut Street Cafe Saturday show on Sept 22nd and I will be sharing the evening 3hours show with Branson Bofat.

Junko Ogawa Band  had a wonderful time playing in Cumberland R.I on Aug. 4th. Thank you for everyone who was there. It was our pleasure to entertain you.

Thank you for everyone who was at Randolph’s Main Street Market Place on Aug. 1st. It was our first time performing for everyone at the market there. Such a wonderful market!  I and the band appreciate your support. Thank you.

My next show will be a Junko Ogawa Band show (with the full band) on Wednesday August 1st, from 3—5 pm at Randolph’s Main Street Market Place at Powers Farm, 592 North Main Street in Randolph, MA 02638.
I will be on vocals, guitar and keyboard, Rick Goggin on vocals and lead guitar, Chris Grant on bass, and Miki Matsuki on drums.
Branson Bofat will kick off the show at 3pm.

Thank you everyone who was at Needham Farmers Market on Sunday, June 24th.  I really appreciate your support. It was such a nice afternoon at the market.  Lovely lovely !

Thank you everyone who was at Newton PorchFest on June 2nd despite some rain. It was a fabulous event and I appreciate your support very much. Had a wonderful afternoon playing with Rick Goggin and Miki Matsuki as J.O.TRIO and enjoyed sharing the stage with Branson Bofat and Johnny Flaherty. Special thanks to our awesome porch host Lisa and Paul, and the Newton PorchFest committee for making this terrific event happen. I’m already looking forward to Newton PorchFest 2019!

Thank you everyone who was at Club Passim last night. Your support was heart felt and priceless. Thank you very much for being such wonderful audience.

Thank you to everyone for coming to Wake Up and Smell the Poetry on Saturday, Nov. 11 at HCAM TV in Hopkinton! We had a great time. Thank you for your support!

Our new special project CD is now for sale!  Our band for this project, “Ground Control,” contributed 2 songs for this special double CD: “Loving the Aliens- A Lowbudget Tribute for David Bowie” by Lowbudget Records. Junko, Rick Goggin, Jonathan William, and John Zaria named the band “Ground Control” for this project. Digital versions, CDs and DVDs are all for sale at the Lowbudget Records website. CDs will also be available at Junko’s concerts for $15.

Love, Love, Love, Junko