My next show will be on Tuesday, October 17th at the Norwood Farmers’ Market from 2-5pm. Mike Delaney, Chris Lee, Rick Goggin & Junko Ogawa will perform.


Thank you everyone who was at the Belmont Farmers Market. We had a great time and here are some photos.


Our new special project CD is now for sale!  Our band for this project, “Ground Control,” contributed 2 songs for this special double CD: “Loving the Aliens- A Lowbudget Tribute for David Bowie” by Lowbudget Records. Junko, Rick Goggin, Jonathan William, and John Zaria named the band “Ground Control” for this project.

Digital versions, CDs and DVDs are all for sale at the Lowbudget Records website. CDs will also be available at Junko’s concerts for $15.

Love, Love, Love, Junko