Singer-Songwriter / Vocalist / Pianist / Guitarist

Born and raised in Yokohama, Japan, Junko Ogawa began classical piano training at the early age of four. She recalls by age fifteen, she was enamored by an eclectic mix of musical styles–folk, pop, ballads, rock, fusions of Japanese, British, and American music–while maintaining her original love of classical music.

At the age of nineteen, Junko arrived in the United States to attend college. Her musical endeavors soon followed. Over the years, she has performed in rock and pop bands as a piano/keyboard player. Her exposure to an ever-increasing body of music expanded her interest to include blues, jazz, and R & B.

In recent years, Junko added guitar to her repertoire which inspired her vocal training and her songwriting. A few of her many musical influences are Chopin, Akaitori, Sting, and Sarah Vaughan. Junko writes and performs in both the English and Japanese languages.

Junko is based in the greater Boston area and is currently performing in and around New England.